Front-End Web Developer

It's pronounced "Praeophan"
  • suunto
  • rei
    REI for NYPR

    (New York Restoration Project)
  • porkypig
    Porky Pig
  • cookbook
    Breaking Bad Cookbook

    *Fake recipes please do not attempt to cook these dishes
  • twittermap
    Twitter Map API

    a combination of Twitter and Google maps API. This project allows you to search Twitter handles, tags or locations
  • igmap
    Instagram & Google map API

    search Instagram tags and the map will show you where the photo was posted from.
  • itchyricky
    Itchy Ricky Trash Trippin 2

    A Unity game
  • rockpaperscissors
    Rock Paper Scissors

    On steriods
    Caleb Warren and The Perfect Gentlemen
  • rockpaperscissors

    That one time I designed a full website and was quite proud of it
  • larkinpoe

  • ultrasound

    Nic Astore - Ultrasound
  • wedding

    Matt & Jennifer's Wedding
  • tomorrow

    Vitaly K - Tomorrow
  • pointsnorth

    Points North Magazine
  • boutthatlife

    KAGE - About That Life
  • I am a Front-end web developer who occasionally films and edit videos for fun and even design once every blue moon.

    I passionately move pixels and lines of code to craft clean, responsive, and user-friendly websites. My weapons of choice are HTML, CSS and Javascript. When I’m not knee deep in code and coffee, I'm usually climbing giant rocks, hiking, or watching movies.

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